Baroque Flute Pieces, Book 5

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Baroque Flute Pieces, Book 5

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Baroque Flute Pieces, Bo…Baroque Flute Pieces, Bo…
ISBN 978-1-85472-714-5
ISBN-10 1-85472-714-1
(EAN-13 9781854727145)
Weight 272 grams
Published 6th June 1996
Availability 1 in stock

Cat No. AB7141
Supplier Code 9781854727145
Price £10.00
ComposersJohann Sebastian Bach
Michel Blavet
Johann Adolph Hasse
Michel de la Barre
Jean-Marie Leclair
Pietro Locatelli
Georg Philipp Telemann
EditorDr Richard Jones
CategoryFlute & Piano
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
SeriesBaroque Flute Pieces
Difficulty level6 - 8

• Attractive selection of 18th-century flute music, with all important composers represented.
• Contains much useful information for flute players, including ornament realizations, breathing suggestions and advice on tonguing.
• Notes accompanying each piece introduce the composers and often advise on dynamics and speeds.
• Includes separate, fingered continuo part which allows the bass line to be doubled by a string player or for keyboard players to improvise their own accompaniment.


  • Adagio ma non tanto and Allegro from Sonata in E
  • Vivace and largo poco andante
  • (allegro assai) from Sonata in E minor
  • Sarabande from Suite No.3 in E minor
  • Adagio and Vivace from Sonata in E minor
  • Andnte from Sonata in B flat, Op.2 No.3
  • Capriccio in G
  • Vivace from Sonata in G minor


This is a marvellous introduction to the music of the early and mid 18th century.

Music Teacher - July 1997

... excellent value for money and highly recommended.

Music Teacher - July 1997

Congratulations are due to ABRSM Publishing for its choice of editor and to Richard Jones for his skill in making these very practical anthologies.

Early Music Today

They are attractively produced and designed ... the music is clearly printed and the excellent textual notes ... are in a typeface large enough to read but neat enough not to clutter or confuse the page.

Early Music Today


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