Clarinet Exam Pieces Grade 1 2018-2021

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Clarinet Exam Pieces Grade 1 2018-2021

ISBN 978-1-84849-795-5
ISBN-10 1-84849-795-4
(EAN-13 9781848497955)
Weight 150 grams
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Cat No. ABW-121
Supplier Code 9781848497955
Price £11.95
Composer Various
CategoryClarinet Exams
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
Difficulty level1

This book contains nine pieces selected from ABRSM's 2018–2021 Grade 1 Clarinet syllabus.

Key features:
- Nine pieces in a range of styles, chosen from Lists A, B and C with piano accompaniment
- Classic repertoire and newly commissioned pieces and arrangements
- Footnotes with helpful information about the pieces
- Audio performances by expert musicians plus accompaniment-only tracks for use
when practising (download code included in the book)


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