Essential Piano Warm Ups Book 1 (Beginner)

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Essential Piano Warm Ups Book 1 (Beginner)

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Published 10th June 2004
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Cat No. SP727
ComposerPhilip Cunningham
CategoryPiano Exercises
PublisherSpartan Press
SeriesEssential Piano Warm Ups
Difficulty levelBeginner

The Essential Piano Warm Ups series

This series aims to instill regular practice as a routine, combining knowledge of keys, transposing and improving technique whilst primarily toning the muscles to facilitiate easier practice. The exercises intend to stimulate and limber up the fingers for practice, concerts or exams.

This book includes Level 1 (Grades 1 - 2) and Level 2 (Grades 2 - 3).


Ideal for limbering-up recalcitrant fingers and muscles before doing justice to the musical tasks of the day. With each exercise being allocated a specific time for its realisation, young pupils will enjoy achieving these targets.

Piano Journal

...intelligently thought-out series...

Piano Journal

These (books 1,2 and 3) are useful work-out books, aimed at encouraging regular, structured practice and developing strong finger independence.

Katharine May for Music Teacher Magazine


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