Piano Scales & Arpeggios: Fingering/Tonality Method Grade 7

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Piano Scales & Arpeggios: Fingering/Tonality Method Grade 7

ISBN 978-981-05-5203-9
ISBN-10 981-05-5203-3
(EAN-13 9789810552039)
Weight 130 grams
Published 13th January 2008
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Cat No. WMP1907
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ComposerJosephine Koh
CategoryPiano Scales
PublisherWells Music Publishers
Difficulty level7

Learn your scales and pass your exams! Josephine Koh's Fingering and Tonality Method, tested and specially produced for higher grade students, takes away the tediousness of learning scales so higher grade students can learn scales and arpeggios in the most effective way.

No more problems with fingering, turns and awkward co-ordination. Simply follow the notated finger patterns and accidentals and be on your way to play perfect scales and arpeggios. This method emphasises the conceptualisation of tonality within the patterns of scales and arpeggios. Aural awareness is thus strengthened in the practice progress.

Success assured! This series for grades 6-8 focuses on achieving success with minimal frustration. Students can thus concentrate on developing a strong piano technique that would produce the best sounds and tone qualities. This book is designed for pianists working towards grade 7.

Maximise your enjoyment and start playing scales and arpeggios with amazing fluency!


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