Tess and Jay's Wedding

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Tess and Jay's Wedding

Tess and Jay

Mr and Mrs Frost

Granny and Grandad in


On 16th May, 2015, Tess and Jay where married at Strathmashie House.

The weather was unkind, so the ceremony was conducted at the top of the main stairs in the house by Rev. Catherine Buchan (Church of Scotland). 85 guests enjoyed a sumptuous reception and live music especially written for the occasion.  Tess' granny and grandad were treated to a live relay of the proceedings, thanks to a facetime link using iPads.

Tess and Jay, who both work for Spartan Press, met on Facebook 3½ years ago. They declared themselves "a couple" on Christmas Eve 2011, and it wasn’t until three months later that they finally met in person for the first time.

Jay is from Hull, and Tess is the eldest daughter of Mark and Pat, Spartan directors. 

There is a super collection of digital photos! If anyone would like hi res versions, please just let me know as we are assembling hundreds of photos from the wedding in Dropbox for a limited time, to freely share them with interested parties.

Extract from the Father of the Bride's Speech:

It is with such great pleasure that we witnessed these two lovely people tying the knot on Saturday 16th May, 2015.

We've been through the mill, health wise, with Tess and Ricky. Oh no… Ricky is not a previous boyfriend or anything:- Ricky is our name for Tess' rogue right arm, which occasionally misbehaves, thanks to some neurological naughtiness in those dark Great Ormond Street Hospital days.

Tess: you have made such a miraculous recovery since those uncertain times, and it's been such a joy to witness just how happy you are with that tall, dark, handsome "hairy bloke from Hull" by your side. The two of you have something very special together.

Jay is a cracking bloke and Pat and I unreservedly endorse him.

He's amenable, energetic, supportive, imaginative and also brave. I know that tradition dictates that it is at this point that I am sort of expected to welcome Jay today into our family but the truth is that from day one he has been like another son to us.

By that I mean he used to leave his clothes all over the house, stay in bed until midday and drink all my beer.

Tess and Jay first met thanks to Facebook (hence the Facebook logo on the order of service), 3½ years ago. They communicated via the Internet, and announced themselves "a couple", on Christmas Eve night, 2011. It wasn't for another 3 months that they actually met in person. Tess bravely decided to go down to Hull on the train, and bring Jay back with her.

Other visits followed, until eventually we decided to offer Jay a job with Spartan, and he moved up permanently. Pat and I were so touched when Jay, on St. Valentine’s Day last year, asked us both individually, for our daughter's hand in marriage. Actually, we learnt afterwards that we both burst into tears at that moment, we knew that it was so right.

Jay proposed to Tess, kneeling, it's reported, on one knee, surrounded by candles, in the drawing room at Strathmashie. He may look like a tall strong Hairy Yorkshireman, and you'd be right, but he's also got a fabulous heart inside him too. He's an old fashioned romantic underneath it all. Like me.

I asked Jay yesterday, what he wanted out of marriage and he said
“Love, happiness and eventually a family”.

I asked Tess the same question and she replied "A coffee percolator".
She actually said "a perky copulator" but I knew what she meant.

Tess and Jay: you will have “ups and downs” over the years. Neither of you will appear to be perfect, all of the time.

But you ARE a perfect match for each other.

A successful marriage is not about finding a person you can live with, but finding a person that you can’t live without, and I'm so glad that you have found each other. I was, as you know, so lucky to have found Pat, 35 years ago. Many have described it as "jammy". Others, simply "a miracle she'd have you".

And whilst you have each other, don’t forget that you’ll always have our support and love, whatever.
Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and marriages blossom when we love the one we married.

It is my very great pleasure to propose the first toast...

So please, could I ask everyone be raise your glasses to
"The Bride and Groom".


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