Small Group Tracks: Track 2 Trumpet

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Small Group Tracks: Track 2 Trumpet

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Includes CD
ISBN 978-0-85736-392-3
ISBN-10 0-85736-392-1
(EAN-13 9780857363923)
Weight 128 grams
Published 20th June 2015
Availability 3 in stock

Cat No. TCL013620
Price £12.00
Composer Various
CategoriesTrumpet Exams
Trumpet/cornet + CD
Small School Ensemble
PublisherTrinity College London

Music Tracks is an innovative new programme for young musicians who learn in whole-class and small-group environments. This book features pieces specially commissioned for the Small Group Tracks exam series, in a variety of exciting styles, with guidance notes on each piece. The book also contains a CD with high quality backing tracks for all pieces and for practice musicianship tests. Small Group Tracks books and exams are available at Initial, Track 1, and Track 2 level (equivalent to Initial, Grade 1, and Grade 2).


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